Sentinel S5

Approved by Thatcham, our Sentinel S5 package provides S5 tracking with a Automatic Driver Recognition, and powerful 110dB Cat1 alarm for total peace of mind.

Upgrade Now for Immobilisation

Sentinel Ultimate

Our Ultimate Sentinel system has been designed to give you the highest level of security for your Motorhome. Insured by Thatcham, this comprehensive system provides S5 tracking, a powerful 110dB Cat1 alarm, Automatic Driver Recognition and Immobilisation, so you can rest easy knowing that your Motorhome is safe.

A woman sitting outside her motorhome watching the sunset able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Moving Intelligence’s highly rated service and insurance accredited devices specifically designed for motorhomes.
A couple sitting outside their motorhome on a hot sunny day enjoying the peace of mind that comes with Moving Intelligence’s state of the art technology.
A happy couple taking a photo of themselves outside their well protected motorhome.
Two motorhomes protected by Moving Intelligence with leading GPS and GSM tracking overlooking the horizon beside a beautiful lake.