Respond to Real-Time Data and Smartphone Alerts

Unmonitored assets can lead to unexpected downtime, increased costs, and potential safety hazards. To gain comprehensive asset visibility and prevent these issues, have you considered Moving Intelligence UK's hardwired asset management solutions?

Our VT100 and VT202 hardwired asset management devices provide real-time alerts via email, SMS, or push notification whenever an asset is used outside of authorised hours. Geofencing technology further ensures proactive monitoring, notifying you when an asset enters or exits predetermined zones. For added peace of mind, our proprietary platform and iOS and Android-enabled apps issue alerts when an asset's service or MOT is approaching, preventing costly breakdowns and repairs.

With Moving Intelligence UK's hardwired asset management solutions, you gain centralised control, real-time visibility, and proactive alerting, ensuring asset utilisation, maintenance compliance, and enhanced safety – all from anywhere in the world.