Your Campervan represents more than just a mode of transportation; it's a symbol of freedom and adventure. Checkout our Campervan tracking security options, and invest in your freedom…

You've just acquired your beloved Campervan, opening up a world of adventure. Whether you're in awe at the scenic landscapes of Scotland, Wales, or England, envisioning skiing in Switzerland or lounging on the beaches of Spain or France, your plans are brimming with excitement.

We understanding the significant investment you have made into your Camper, therefore we know how essential it is to safeguard this investment. We recommend that you seek a Thatcham-accredited Campervan tracking system from Moving Intelligence, a company that has over two decades of expertise in safeguarding leisure vehicles and high-value assets. Through our iTRACK range we're dedicated to tailoring solutions to your needs.

Our S5 iTRACK provides robust protection against the rising threat of keyless vehicle theft, a trend gaining traction in recent times. Its efficiency has prompted calls from multiple organisations urging government intervention to restrict the sale of equipment used in these thefts, readily available on the dark web and other online platforms. If you're in search of cutting-edge immobilisation technology to combat keyless theft, alongside the assurance of obtaining insurance coverage and peace of mind, then look no further than our S5 iTRACK ULTIMATE - designed to meet your requirements and offer expert security.

Tracking and Alarm Combo

Want the best security? Maximize protection for your most beloved possession with the Sentinel combo system. Featuring a Thatcham-approved tracker and a Cat 1 alarm, our Sentinel packages offer total peace of mind.

A woman sitting outside her motorhome watching the sunset able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Moving Intelligence’s highly rated service and insurance accredited devices specifically designed for motorhomes.
A couple outside their caravan with their dog watching the sunset protected by Moving Intelligence’s specially designed GPS tracking devices with insurance accreditation.
A happy couple taking a photo of themselves outside their well protected motorhome.
A woman looking at the sea besides her safe and secure caravan.