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Moving Intelligence offers various effective systems in the area of security, to make it as difficult as possible for potential thieves to steal other ones property. And should a thief be successful in breaking into your vehicle, we also have a number of contingency systems for recovering the stolen vehicle.

Thieves are becoming increasingly brazen and sophisticated – construction vehicles are driven off construction sites during the daytime, never to return; and cyber-criminals have certainly been known to hack into vehicles’ ECU’s (Engine Control Units), just to name two scenarios…

We want to make life as difficult as we can for thieves, and we do this by using our vehicle tracking systems in combination with immobilisers that are un-hackable. Attempting to disrupt the signal of the vehicle tracking system – a common trick amongst car thieves – will then therefore have no effect. And should a thief manage to drive off with your vehicle after all, it can be traced back and recovered with our tracking system.

But security is about more than that. Security is also peace of mind in a difficult situation an emergency button for someone in danger, or a system that automatically contacts emergency services when you’ve just had an accident. Such features are also included in our services.