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Pro 3 Tracking Device

Looking to monitor your caravan 24/7?

We will keep an eye on its movements, and with the FREE app and web portal, so can you! Phantom Pro 3 Tracking System is an innovative and impressive example of tracking technology.

Hidden in your vehicle, our system will show your vehicles whereabouts on a map on your app or on your PC. If your vehicle is disturbed or if unauthorised movement is detected, motion sensors trigger the Pro 3 device. The system then relays GPS information to our control centre, where an operator will alert you to the vehicle theft within three minutes. Once you have a crime reference number we can then liaise with the authorities, assisting them in the recovery of your vehicle. Our system is Thatcham S7 approved, tested stringently to industry standards

Vanguard Caravan Alarm

Be alerted to any disturbance in your caravan!

How would you know if your Caravan was being stolen from a storage site? Would you notice it being taken from your driveway if you were asleep?

We have developed a Caravan specific alarm that’s Thatcham certified to Category 1 approval for insurance purposes. The Phantom Vanguard alarm integrates with your vehicle remotely, as well as coming with its own remote it has internal ultrasonics, pet mode and an integrated battery back up for the siren in case of issues with onboard power. It has cab door protection and can be armed and disarmed remotely with our App, giving you the ability to turn it off and on from anywhere.

Sentinel Caravan Tracking/Alarm Combo

Get the best of both worlds!

If you're worried that an alarm or tracking device would not be sufficient by itself, we offer the ideal solution. Our Pro 3 Tracking Device and Vanguard Caravan Alarm are designed to work together, as the Phantom Sentinel, so they offer you a total solution against theft.

Linking together perfectly, these two systems are paired to give you the ultimate alarm and tracking combo. Phantom brings you the complete solution at a great price. Traditionally, this level of Thatcham Certified security would cost from £1100! Our sentinel system starts at £575.