Asset Tracking Solutions to Recover Stolen and Lost Plant Equipment, Every Time.

Unforeseen plant equipment theft can disrupt operations, drain resources, and strain your finances. Our cutting-edge asset-tracking solutions here at Moving Intelligence can help safeguard your plant assets. Our innovative asset trackers, the VT100 and VT202, provide comprehensive real-time tracking capabilities across the UK and 27 EU countries.

Using 24/7 GPS tracking and geofencing technology, these hardwired asset management devices allow you to monitor the precise location of your equipment via our user-friendly platform and app. Receive instant smartphone alerts whenever an asset enters or exits a designated geofence, making sure you're always informed of its whereabouts.

When stealth is paramount, our battery-powered AT4 asset tracker discreetly gathers location data twice daily. This 'anti-scan' technology renders it undetectable and therefore boasts a recovery rate of 100% for assets fitted covertly by our experts.

To further enhance your security, our award-winning Asset+ hybrid solution combines the VT202 and AT4 with our state-of-the-art keypad immobiliser. This three-pronged approach combines real-time tracking, surveillance, and immobilisation capabilities, providing the ultimate defence against theft and loss.