Keypad Immobiliser For Plant — Secure Plant & People with Moving Intelligence

Vulnerable on-site machinery can lead to costly downtime, resource strain, and significant safety hazards. The keypad immobiliser for plant from Moving Intelligence UK can help safeguard your assets and ensure business continuity. This advanced solution offers robust driver/operator authentication through a secure keypad system, locking down equipment until authorised personnel enters the correct code.

Combined with our VT202 hardwired asset management solution, you gain scheduled and remote immobilisation capabilities, allowing you to prevent unauthorised use and theft at any time. For an even more comprehensive security layer, pair our keypad immobiliser for plant with our Asset+ hybrid solution, which seamlessly integrates a hardwired device with a battery-operated anti-theft unit.

Empower your workforce and protect your investment with the keypad immobiliser for plant from Moving Intelligence UK. Experience enhanced security, reduced downtime, and peace of mind knowing your machinery is in safe hands with our immobilisers.