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We know

But not all security systems turn out to be adequate for protection against the steadily more professional criminal groups. With the Mi01 Sentry you’re absolutely a step ahead of the thieves.

The Mi01 Sentry is an after-theft tracing system with worldwide coverage. The Sentry ensures that your object can always be found, whether it’s a car, boat, tractor or work of art. The Mi01 Sentry is equipped with a range of unique technical features so that the Sentry cannot be hacked.

How does the Mi01 Sentry work?

The Mi01 Sentry transmits signals via GSM mobile data, RF (Radio Frequency) and GPS. Following a theft and its reporting to the tracking service, the Sentry transmits a signal every hour through the GSM/GPS network, and every second via radio frequency. These signals are used to accurately track and recover the stolen object.

Thatcham Accredited

Thatcham have strict criteria and rigorous assessments, evaluating performance, manufacture, and service. So you can have the confidence and complete peace of mind knowing your Moving Intelligence (Phantom) system is reliable. And provides your vehicle with the protection it needs.

Simplicity and user-friendly

The compact size and point for mounting on the side allow the Mi01 Sentry to be installed out of sight virtually anywhere in a car, commercial vehicle or equipment. With the built-in power caps and internal battery the Sentry has no effect on the existing electronics, and this system can operate entirely standalone and wirelessly. The Mi01 Sentry system is activated by rotating the unit ten times 180 degrees, which activates the battery. You use the supplied activation code to add the Sentry to your personal Moving Intelligence account.