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Vessel tracking system

The Mi50 tracking system is a high-quality tracking system that allows you to track and secure your vessel, boat and every other mobile object in real time. Because the Mi50 is linked to the MiApp and the online platform, you have insight into the location of your marine objects. The routes sailed by you or your boat captain are automatically registered in a digital online logbook. In this way you have insight into where your boat has been and you can prevent and prove unauthorized use.

With the geofence service you will receive a (push) notification as soon as your object leaves and/or enters a certain geofence.

In addition, the Mi50 makes it possible to switch various devices in your boat on or off via the app, such as a heater or the refrigerator. Read more

Mi01 Sentry

The Mi01 Sentry is an after-theft tracing system with worldwide coverage. The Sentry ensures that your object can always be found, whether it’s a vessel, boat, car, tractor or a bike. The Mi01 Sentry is equipped with a range of unique technical features so that the Sentry cannot be hacked.

By providing your vessel, outboard engine or other mobile object with the Mi01 Sentry it can be accurately located and retrieved, even after theft. Read more