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In short, everything you need for carefree and safe driving. The Mi50 stands for quality, speed and convenience. The Mi50 is included in the range by many car importers in the Netherlands for good reason.


The Mi50 is a vehicle tracking system. With the Mi50 and MiBlock Immobiliser, you have all corners covered, with automatic notifications from vehicles/objects that are moving without the ignition on, and automatic immobilisation in case jamming is detected. A link to our Secure Control Centre is also part of our comprehensive services.

Trip Logging (mileage capture)

Mileage administration can be a time-consuming affair. But it is, however, a necessity. Nobody wants fines from the tax office. Sometimes we also need to for declare our mileage driven for business purposes. So it is good to have a reliable trip logging (mileage capture) system in place. With the press of a button you can read all relevant data for the tax authorities on the Moving Intelligence cloud-based platform and mobile app.

Fleet Management

If you are managing a few vehicles, you obviously want a full understanding of your fleet. With the Mi50 you can see who drove which car, when, and where. You can also track the vehicles live. With a press of a button you can clarify the position of all your vehicles with the Mi50, without this costing you time and all manner of telephone calls. The Mi50 also offers a driving style analysis of the driver. Everything is neatly registered by the system and displayed on the Moving Intelligence platform. Now you are in control.


Registration of private or business kilometres with one button.

If you use your vehicle privately, it is handy if you have a summary of the kilometres driven for business and private purposes. With the MiClassify you arrange this with one press of a button.


If vehicles are driven by different persons…

Knowing who has driven a certain car and when is always a challenge. The MiReader is your solution. This system enables personal identification. The MiReader registers each route and is directly linked to the vehicle driver.