Boat Tracking & Security

“Why do I need a tracking device for my boat?”

Boat theft in the UK is much more common than you would originally think. The majority (73%) of boats are stolen while they're on their trailers. In many cases, they're taken from the owner's yard, often at night. This means that all a thief needs are a vehicle and a tow, then your beloved boat is gone; which is why boat tracking & security is an essential marine tracking solution for any boat owner.


Make sure you do the following to keep your boat as secure as possible:

  • Keep valuable items out of sight and locked away
  • When storing your boat and trailer, always secure the trailer to a solid structure.
  • Secure outboards and dinghies to the deck with good-quality hasps and padlocks.

The solution?

It’s simple. A small tracker placed within your boat can make the difference of never seeing your property again or eventually tracking the stolen asset. We offer a variety of high-end marine security solutions, including the Mi50 tracking system and the Mi01 Sentry recovery system. We also provide digital logbooks, sailing route registrations, and automatic push notifications whenever an object enters or leaves an area (geofence).


  • Using advanced GPS technology and an online tracking platform, you can track your boat or marine object in real time from anywhere.
  • Upon notification of theft, our 24-hour call center will immediately report the incident to the police.
  • Geofence your boat with the embedded GPS.

Secure your boat/vessel today with Moving Intelligence. No matter where you’re located, we can ship our industry leading products worldwide. Never go without security on your most valued assets. Contact our friendly team today for a chat on how we can lessen the risk of theft.

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