Vanguard Caravan Alarm

The Vanguard caravan alarm is designed to provide you and your caravan with the utmost protection. Equipped with a 110dB siren, tilt sensor, and up to 50 Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors, enjoy state-of-the-art security for your caravan.

Vanguard Alarm provides a 24-month premium support service, guaranteeing direct access to our knowledgeable technical team. This subscription-based service offers guidance and reassurance is included for 24 months with your initial purchase*

*billed annually at £1 a month post initial 24 months

Mother and child happily sat inside of their caravan looking out the window with pet mode turned on, which means the outside is protected.
A large expensive caravan parked in the middle of a field protected by Moving Intelligence.
A comforting image of 2 chairs outside a caravan protected by Moving Intelligence tracking systems designed for caravans.
Two people having a drink and cheering outside their caravan enjoying their holiday while protected by Moving Intelligence state of the art trackers.
  • Moving Intelligence vehicle tracking and security experts
    Tilt Sensor

    The Vanguard’s integrated tilt sensor adjusts to different angles, so if any unauthorised movement is detected, the alarm will sound loudly.

  • Moving Intelligence vehicle tracking and security experts
    PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Sensor

    Using your four button remote, enable or disable the PIR Sensors while the alarm is active for simple control over your vans interior and exterior security. 1 Included.

  • Moving Intelligence vehicle tracking and security experts
    High Power 110 dB Siren

    The Vanguard's 110db siren helps deter potential thieves while serving as an effective warning that a nearby security breach is imminent.

  • Moving Intelligence vehicle tracking and security experts
    Remote Control

    Arm and disarm your alarm with the Vanguard encrypted 4-button remote. Depending on the model, you can even integrate your vehicle's remote for additional ease.

  • Moving Intelligence vehicle tracking and security experts
    Battery Backup

    If disconnected from the main power-source the systems battery backup will continue to work for an extensive period of time.

Upgrade to Dual Protection for Your Caravan

Sentinel Caravan

Our Caravan Sentinel S7 security system is the ideal way to ensure your caravan is well-protected. This powerful system combines an alarm with a Thatcham-accredited tracker to give you the best possible security. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your caravan is safe and secure.

A happy group around a campfire outside their secure caravan enjoying peace of mind.
A woman looking at the sea besides her safe and secure caravan.
A caravan in the middle of a sunny field protected by Moving Intelligence highly rated service and tracking devices.
A couple outside their caravan with their dog watching the sunset