Thieves across the UK are constantly learning new and inventive ways to rob your fleet vehicles. General Freight crime is a very common problem around Europe and costs the UK economy around £250 million a year. Regardless of whether its a personal vehicle or a vehicle in a fleet of vehicles, it is great to know that your trucks and the people driving them are that little bit safer.

Why should I track my fleet?

Fleet News reported that over a six year period it was estimated that there were 565,000 cases of vehicle theft, a total of 61,000 or 10.8% of these involved vehicles owned by businesses. The risk to commercially owned vehicles and fleets has increased over the years due to the new methods that thieves are using to help them steal trucks and company vehicles.

What other benefits are there to tracking my fleet of trucks with Phantom?

As well as keeping your trucks safe, Phantoms Insight Fleet Tracking System can help your business and your overall management of your fleet in a number of different ways including:

  • Reports: Keeping an accurate record of your truck drivers movements and mileage is important to any business, but with Insight it allows you to have access to these easily at any time.
  • Alerts: You can make use of Alerts to set No Go Areas for your fleet of trucks, making sure your drivers aren't straying to far out of where they are supposed to be going. As well as Curfew Alerts to ensure that your trucks aren't being used outside of work hours.
  • Mileage Capture System: Allowing you to keep track of your fleet of trucks overall mileage helps towards any expenses claims and recors the business will need to keep for financial reasons.