Phantoms Fleet Tracking Reports can help provide your management and your business with an increased level of clarity on the inner workings of your fleet and the movements of your employees

How Can Phantoms Fleet Tracking Reports help my business?

The Phantom Fleet Tracking System provides you with a series of in depth reports that provide you with detailed data on your fleet and drivers, that you can use to assess the overall performance of your fleet and address and issues that may be further affecting its efficiency. These reports include:

  • Mileage Report: The Mileage Report allows you to see the average mileage of all your fleet vehicles, the total mileage and the individual mileage of every vehicle.
  • Stop Report: The Stop Report allows you see to see indepth details on the stops made by your fleets vehicles from the amount of stops to the amount of time spent stopping both inside and outside of POI's (Points of Interest).
  • Behaviour Report: The Behaviour Report is a very detailed and useful report that provides you with knowledge and a score for each of your vehicles and drivers based on Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, % of time speeding. This provides you with detailed awareness of your drivers performance and allows you to monitor and address any behavioural issues that are flagged.
  • Idle Report: The Idle Report provides you with information regarding the amount of time that your fleets vehicles have been idle and the locations that they are often idled in, this allows you to see if any of your fleet vehicles are being left where they shouldn't be for prolonged amounts of time.
  • Journey Report: The Journey Report will provide you with full scope of your fleet and information regarding every aspect of it, from the amount of journeys to the amount of miles driven, how many hours have been spent driving as well as idling as well as a large amount of other data that can be of great use to you and your business.
  • Location Stop Report: The Location Stop Report Provides you with individual reports of stops made by each of your vehicles and for what length of time they were stopped there.
  • Summary Report: