Storing Your Caravan or Motorhome For The Winter?

As the sun is setting earlier and earlier, the leaves are falling from the trees and the temperatures falling. The natural thing for families to do is store their caravan/motorhome for the winter, then bring it out again May time next year.

However, unfortunately, wintertime is when we notice a spike in motorhome and caravan thefts while they lay dormant in storage.

How to combat theft

The Mi01 is an anti-theft device. It emits a signal once a day, making it difficult to trace by high-tech vehicle thieves, like relay thieves. The Mi01 is the perfect device to protect your beloved motorhome/caravan as it’s designed for discreet installation in vehicles. It should be placed out of sight, and the built-in power caps mean the system can operate completely wirelessly. 

We also have a more proactive solution, which is the Pro 3 tracking device. The Pro 3 allows you to monitor your caravan around the clock, improving your ability to protect it and reducing damage that may occur. Pro3 uses technology to detect movement and automatically sends an alert to us if there is any interference with your vehicle, so that we can notify you in the case of a problem.

“It won’t happen to me”

Well, you’ll be surprised. You may be lucky enough to have never experienced theft before, but don’t let that lead you to a false sense of security. Here is a case of a motorhome that got stolen and recovered.

Luckily the owner's pride and joy was found otherwise there would be some major head scratching to be done.

The facts

  • Just 13% of motorhomes and 6% of campervans have trackers installed.
  • Analysis of insurance quotes on motorhomes and campervans finds a lack of security in place.
  • 15% of campervans are kept on a public road overnight.

If you’re interested in keeping your caravan/motorhome safe click here to find out more information on our Mi01 product, Or click here to view Pro 3.

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