NaVCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service) reported that Ford Transit vans were the most frequently stolen vehicle through out the UK in 2015. They also reported that only a third of these van are ever recovered. Having a Tracking System in your vehicle can help ensure that if the worst happens your van is protected.

What are the benefits of tracking my van?

Van's can be a costly investment for anyone regardless of whether you are a sole trader or an owner of a large fleet of vans. They can be the backbone of your business, ensuring you or your workers can get to jobs and get to work. Often these vans contain, tools, stock and a number of things that may also be of a great deal of worth to the owner. By fitting a tracker you can always keep and eye on the location of your van and if the worst happens then the vehicle can be sort after by the police and hopefully recovered as quickly as possible. Our average recovery time is around 90 minutes but we have recovered a vehicle as quickly as 13 minutes.

So how are they being stolen?

Criminals are implementing a variety of different methods to steal vans through out the UK. These methods vary from using the vehicles OBD port to create a new key that they can use to start the vehicle and drive it away. As well as a number of other methods including stealing the vehicles key then driving the vehicle away with minimal damage. A tracking device can help keep your vehicle safe even in these circumstances as if you notice the vehicle has gone missing the tracking device can be used to locate the vehicle.

We have a number of options for tracking your van. For a sole trader or personal owner of a van we would recommend one of our iTrack range of products. iTrack2OBD and iTrack ULTIMATE would provide the highest level of security for your vehicle, and protect your vehicle further from obd hacking.
If you have a fleet of vans or vehicles than we would suggest our Insight Fleet Tracking System which as well as providing your vehicles with the highest level of security also provide a number of features that can be beneficial in the running of your business.