Keep an Eye on Your Car with a Category S7 Tracking System

Need a Thatcham S7 tracker to help protect your pride and joy? Like to reduce the risk of losing your vehicle to car criminals? Looking for an affordable car tracking device?

You Need a Thatcham S7 Tracker  

Car theft has surged by a staggering 50 per cent over the last five years. Currently, a car is stolen in the UK every five minutes. And a surprising 42 per cent of vehicles are taken from close to the owner's home. So even if you park your Nissan GT-R on your driveway, it remains at risk.

Having your beloved car stolen can be an extremely inconvenient, stressful, and costly experience. Whatever you drive, a Toyota Supra, a Lexus LS or a Lamborghini, your car is likely to come to the attention of criminals. And with more than 300 vehicles now stolen every single day, you need the best car tracking device to help keep your vehicle safe from relay theft.

Keep your car safe with a Thatcham-approved tracker. Call us on 0161 476 4050 to find out more about having a stolen vehicle tracker installed in your vehicle.

Stay in Control with an S7 Tracking System

Relay theft is to blame for much of the massive increase in car theft. Tech-savvy criminals can easily hack into your vehicle's keyless entry system. And be making off with your Ford Mustang before you know it.

But have a Thatcham S7 car GPS tracker covertly installed in your vehicle, and it will keep you in control of your car.

Why a Thatcham S7 Tracker?

  • Intelligent security features
  • 24/7 control centre monitoring
  • Upgraded replacement of the former Thatcham Category 7 and Category 6 classifications
  • Track & locate your vehicle
  • Motion detection & alert
  • Recognised, and often requested, by insurers
  • Advanced GSM & GPS tracking system
  • Know where your stolen vehicle is at all times
  • The peace of mind & protection you need

Your S7 Car Tracking System from Phantom

Should your car be stolen, a Thatcham S7 tracker will give you a much better chance of your vehicle being recovered and returned to you undamaged. Our handy MyPhantom APP not only lets you track your car's location but will also monitor your mileage and battery voltage. The S7 GPS vehicle tracker is likely to lower your insurance premium, too.

Whether you drive a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a Jaguar F-Pace or a Ferrari, don’t let the car criminals capitalise on your asset. Stay in the driver’s seat with a state-of-the-art stolen vehicle recovery system.

Ready to reduce your risk and increase your control? Call 0161 476 4050 to chat with us about the best hidden GPS tracker for your car.