Recently there’s been a flood of thefts of high value vehicles attacked via their keyless start systems. The new Thatcham Quality Assured iTrack2OBD protects Vehicles from any attack via the OBD-II diagnostic port.

The system will alert our 24 hr call centre should our protective shield/cap be removed and the customer will be contacted on their emergency contact number.

Depending on the install selected this will also result in the disabling of the OBD data port and/or immobilisation of the vehicle.

Thieves have various techniques to fool the vehicle into unlocking the doors, giving thieves’ access to the car without them having to break windows and risk setting off alarms. Once they’re in its relatively easy with Hi-Tech equipment can hack into a car’s electronic security system and then program a blank key fob. As there’s no physical key to insert into the ignition barrel and switch the ignition, all the their has to do is press the “start” button,The electronic devices used to hack cars’ security systems are available on the internet for as little as £10. Some are even fitted with torches to help thieves work in the dark for more information check out our web page or google – Dominic Tobin of The Sunday Times has an interesting article Published: 2 November 2014

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