S5 Tracker

Thatcham Category S5 meets the most rigorous demands. As with all our units, the system is monitored by our own ISO9001 accredited 24/7 call centre for emergency response. This new S5 classification is typically an insurance requirement on high value vehicles, and is compatible with all types of vehicles including electric and hybrid.

This new category adds the requirements of an automated driver recognition system to ensure your vehicle is being driven by an authorised driver. Uniquely, we can pair new tags remotely via our call centre or clear all existing tags from the memory should you lose them or worry your security has been compromised.

System arms 30 seconds after leaving the vehicle and is only disarmed by the tag.

hould your vehicle be driven without the presence of your driver ID tags, the system with trigger an alert to our call centre who will call you to confirm all is well.

If your vehicle goes in for a service or you misplace your tag, you can set “valet mode” via the app or by calling the call centre.

  • Thatcham Category S5
  • Automatic driver recognition
  • 24/7 Emergency line/monitoring
  • Low battery warning
  • Power tamper alert
  • Tow alert
  • Built in battery back-up
  • Unique UK roaming sim card
  • MiPhantom App - location, mileage, battery level, valet mode