You Need An S5 Mercedes Vehicle Tracker

In 2021, nearly 300 cars were stolen across the UK every day. And due to part shortages, the Home Office has predicted this figure to increase in 2022. Recent data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) places the Mercedes-Benz C-Class at number three and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class at number ten on the list of most stolen vehicles in the UK. Unfortunately, your high-end vehicle generates high profits for car thieves, so if you own a premium vehicle, such as the Mercedes S-Class or the Mercedes AMG C63, chances of theft can rise.

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Improve Your Mercedes Security With An S5 Tracking System

Relay theft accounts for nearly half of all vehicle break-ins. This kind of crime occurs when high-tech thieves tap into keyless-entry vulnerabilities in your automobile's tech. Turn around, and in less than 30 seconds, your beloved Mercedes-Benz could be gone. But with a Thatcham S5 tracker installed in your vehicle, if anybody drives your car without a corresponding ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) card, we immediately notify the vehicle's owner. Once confirmed stolen, the Mercedes tracker will report the location of your Mercedes to the police. Early theft detection means a rapid recovery. And the quicker the recovery, the less chance of any damage.

Why A Thatcham S5 Tracking?

  • The gold standard in high-value vehicle security
  • Upgraded replacement of the former Thatcham Category 5 classification
  • Remote immobilisation
  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) cards immediately identify any unauthorised use of your vehicle and protect you against keyless car theft
  • Immediate notification if someone moves your Mercedes without the ADR fob
  • Recognised, and often requested, by insurers
  • State-of-the-art GSM & GPS tracking system
  • Eyes on your stolen vehicle at all times
  • Fantastic features and the best vehicle security for your complete peace of mind

Your Mercedes Tracking From Moving Intelligence

Our Thatcham Category S5 is a superior vehicle security tracking system. Having an S5 tracking system installed in your Mercedes means your car can be recovered and returned should it be stolen. And a car tracker is likely to lower your insurance premium, too.

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