Britain’s most Popular Car Brand is Still at Risk

According to DVLA data, there are 4,414,307 Ford cars on UK roads. This makes the American brand the most popular car manufacturer, with the Ford Fiesta Zetec, Ford Focus Zetec and the Ford Focus LX crowned first, second and third when it comes to the nation’s favourite car models.

Ford cars being the most popular choice, it’s no surprise that vehicle theft for this manufacturer is also high

According to the Metropolitan Police, Ford Transit, Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus consistently appeared on the top ten most stolen cars list from 2009-2014. Data compiled by National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service also suggested that in 2015, the old Ford Escort was still among the most stolen cars per 1000 on UK roads, despite the fact that they are no longer made.

Don’t despair if you’re the proud owner of a Ford Kuga, Ford KA or in fact any Ford car. There are many steps that you can take to ensure that your beloved vehicle stays exactly where you left it.

Phantom Tracking Systems can provide car owners with the comfort of knowing where their car is

By fitting a tracking system, you can use the My Phantom app on your phone, which enables you to pinpoint your vehicle’s exact location. So, even if your car is stolen, you know exactly where to find it.

Of course, there are other safety measures you can take to make sure that your iTracking system remains a precaution:

  1. Park in a secure area. If you park in dimly lit, quiet side roads you give thieves the perfect opportunity to steal your car without drawing any attention to themselves.
  2. Hide valuables. It’s an obvious one, but if thieves see expensive items such as mobile phones, iPads and iPods in the back of your Ford Edge, then your car could just be a bonus.
  3. Fit a car alarm. Yes, car alarms can seem annoying — every now and again they spring into an unprovoked frenzy of noise. But one day, you might be grateful for the commotion that they can create. Especially if someone is trying to claim your new Ford Fiesta ST.
  4. Go old school with a steering wheel lock. Yes, today’s thieves are tech savvy, but not many of them know how to remove a steering wheel lock very quickly.
  5. Lock your car. It’s very easy to become distracted by your overly chatty neighbour or have a lapse of concentration due to your demanding children. Don’t make it easy for thieves to gain access to your vehicle — always double check you have locked your doors.

Whilst the Ford brand appears to be susceptible to vehicle crime, any car, regardless of manufacturer can fall victim to this type of crime.

Phantom Tracking offers a range of different options that can help to keep your vehicle protected. Why not call today on 0161 2194299 to discuss how you can say no to car theft.