Phantom already track a number of well known London food vans, and as the pop-up foodie revolution continues we are interested in helping you with the increasing the security of your business.

Do you have a Food or catering van? Do you park it at night on land or in an insecure spot in your town. These food vans or food trucks can often cost thousands of pounds and if its your own small business this loss can be very painful and personal.

If you have a reputation and have spent time building your business up you don't want a theft to put a stop to your income or business for good

Phantom can add alarm systems and tracking systems to your food van so you know where your van is and it can be protected at all times. You can even use the location to promote the whereabouts of your vans to your customers. Or even direct customers to your website to give them the secret location of your pop-up foodie experience.

Call us on 0161 219 4299 or use the form on our Contact Us page to get in touch and see if we can help save money and time for your business.