Phantom Fleet Tracking provides you with Geofencing, a great feature that makes use of the in-built GPS (Global Positioning System) in our units to define geographical boundaires. It's a virtual wall which you can set up in the Phantom Fleet Tracking System around a certian geographical area so that if one of your Fleet Vehicles exits or enters that location you will be alerted.

Geofencing is very useful for managing your fleet of vehicles on the go, whether you have a single vehicle or a few hundred. As Geofencing allows you to predefine your drivers route and be fully aware through alerts if they break from it, without having to constantly watch there every move. For more in depth details on your staffs journey the Phantom Fleet Tracking System also provides indepth Driver Behaviour Reports which are also very useful in helping you to remain fully aware of the performance of your drivers and the Fuel Efficiency of their driving.

If you are interested in the Phantom Fleet Tracking System give us a call on 0161 757 0550 or send us a message here and our team will be happy to get back to you.