The Category S5 Tracking System for Your Bentley

Need a Bentley tracker to help beat car theft? Like to take the constant worry of car crime off your mind? Looking for the best vehicle security system for your Bentley?

You Need a Category S5 Bentley Tracking Device

Car theft has risen sharply by a staggering 50 per cent over the last six years, according to the Office of National Statistics. Currently, more than 300 cars are stolen every single day in the UK. And, of course, if you have a luxury vehicle like the Bentley Continental GT or the Bentley Bentayga, your car will attract the attention of criminals.

Unfortunately, only 40 per cent of stolen vehicles are ever returned to their owner, and thieves take 42 per cent of cars from an area close to the owner's home. So even if you park your Bentley on your drive, it remains at risk.

Protect your prized possession today with a Thatcham-approved tracker. Call us on 0161 476 4050 to find out more about having the best car tracking device fitted in your vehicle.

Boost Your Bentley’s Safety with an S5 Tracking System

Relay theft is rife. Silently and swiftly, high-tech criminals can access your vehicle's keyless entry system in seconds. And be off with your beloved Bentley before you know it. Sadly, keyless car crime accounts for much of the surge in car theft over recent years.

But having a Thatcham S5 tracker covertly installed in your car will help to boost your Bentley's security. Should your vehicle be moved without the corresponding ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) card, you'll get an instant notification. If then verified as stolen, your Bentley tracker will start to report your car's location. So you and the police know the position of your pride and joy at all times.

Thanks to the Thatcham S5’s early theft detection and GPS vehicle tracking system, you’ll have a much better chance of your Bentley being returned to you rapidly and undamaged.

Why a Thatcham S5 Tracker?

  • Advanced luxury vehicle security
  • Upgraded replacement of the former Thatcham Category 5 classification
  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) tags instantly identify any unauthorised use of your vehicle and protect you against relay theft
  • Instant notification if your Bentley is moved without the ADR tag
  • Recognised by insurers
  • The latest GSM & GPS tracking system
  • Know where your stolen vehicle is at all times
  • Remote immobilisation
  • The best car tracking device for high-value vehicle owners

Your Bentley Tracker from Phantom Tracking Systems

Having a Thatcham Category S5 tracking system installed in your Bentley Mulsanne or Bentley Flying Spur means you'll have a much better chance of your car being recovered and returned should it be stolen. And the GPS vehicle tracker is likely to lower your insurance premium, too.

Thanks to the Category S5 tracker’s early theft detection, you’ll get your car back more quickly. And the sooner your stolen vehicle is recovered, the higher your chance of it being undamaged.

Ready to beat the car criminals with the best car tracking device for your Bentley? Call 0161 476 4050 to chat with us about having a Thatcham S5 tracker installed in your vehicle.