The Category S5 Tracker for Your Audi

Need an Audi tracking system to help protect your asset? Like to worry less about car theft? Looking for the best car tracking device for your luxury vehicle?

You Need an S5 Audi Vehicle Tracker

Hundreds of cars are stolen in the UK every day. And 11 per cent of car criminals will only take a vehicle if it's a brand-new, high-end model. So if you happen to have a premium car like the Audi A8 or the Audi SQ7, your pride and joy will have a good chance of being picked by these prolific car thieves.

Over the last five years, car theft has skyrocketed by a staggering 50 per cent. This is in large part due to the keyless entry systems in modern vehicles. So you must make sure your Audi has adequate protection.

Protect your asset today with a Thatcham-approved tracker. Call us on 0161 476 4050 to find out more about having the best car tracking device fitted in your vehicle.

Safeguard Your Audi with an S5 Tracking System

Keyless car theft is commonplace. Also known as relay theft, high-tech car criminals can swiftly and silently hack into your keyless entry system in seconds. Without your key and without making a sound, your treasured Audi is speeding away.

But with a Thatcham S5 tracking system covertly installed in your car, if someone moves your Audi without the corresponding ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) card, you’ll be immediately notified. If then confirmed as stolen, your Thatcham S5 tracker will begin to report your vehicle’s location. So both you and the police always have eyes on your Audi.

Why a Thatcham S5 Tracker?

  • Superior level of luxury vehicle security
  • Upgraded replacement of the former Thatcham Category 5 classification
  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) fobs immediately identify any unauthorised use of your vehicle and protect you against keyless car theft
  • You'll be instantly alerted if someone moves your Audi without the corresponding ADR fob
  • Recognised, and often requested, by insurers
  • Advanced GSM & GPS tracking system
  • Know where your stolen vehicle is at all times
  • Remote immobilisation
  • The best car security and stolen vehicle recovery system for your complete peace of mind

Your Audi Tracking System from Phantom

Should your Audi ever be stolen with an S5 car tracker installed, your prized possession will be recovered more quickly. And whether you have an Audi R8 or an Audi Q8, you’ll have a much better chance of it being undamaged, thanks to the early theft detection. 

The gold standard in car tracking systems, the Thatcham Category S5 tracker will help to ease your worries of car theft — and is likely to lower your insurance premium, too. 

Ready to reduce your Audi’s risk? Call 0161 476 4050 to chat with us about having a category S5 tracking system fitted in your vehicle.