Caravan and Motorhome Theft FAQ (People Also Ask!)

Where do most caravans get stolen from? Most caravans are stolen from unsecured locations such as driveways, unsecured storage facilities, and public parking areas.

How can you stop your caravan from being stolen? To prevent your caravan from being stolen, use high-quality locks, install tracking devices, and park it in a secure location. Additional deterrents include alarms, immobilisers, and security cameras.

What to do if your caravan is stolen? If your caravan is stolen, immediately report the theft to the police/tracking company and your insurance company. Provide them with all necessary details and any tracking information if you have a tracker installed.

How can I track my stolen caravan? You can track your stolen caravan if you have installed a GPS tracker. Devices like the Pro3 S7 can provide real-time location data to help recover your caravan.

How many motorhomes are stolen in the UK? Approximately 4,000 caravans, campervans, and motorhomes are stolen each year in the UK.

How to make a motorhome secure? To secure your motorhome, use a combination of physical locks, GPS trackers, alarms, and immobilisers. Park in a secure location and consider additional measures like automatic floodlights and security cameras.

How do I stop my motorhome from being stolen? Prevent motorhome theft by investing in high-quality security products, parking in secure areas, and using tracking devices. Regularly update your security measures to stay ahead of potential thieves.

How do you check if a motorhome is stolen? To check if a motorhome is stolen, contact the police with the vehicle's details, check with the DVLA, or use online services that provide vehicle history reports. Additionally, ensure any documentation provided during a sale is legitimate and matches the vehicle's information.