Why use asset management?

There is a wide range of benefits which come with the implementation of asset management within a company. Not only can you ensure full visibility over your business you also gain control over your assets, with full in-depth reports of the utilisation of an asset but also the real-time location and usage data. Utilising a strong asset management platform ensures your company can run at full capability from one day to another.

Asset management is often a tool which is underestimated within a company and confined to one specific department within a company however, many different departments within a business can benefit from utilising a strong asset management solution. With the correct tools available the system saves time and money by reducing workload and over claims along with streamlining activities across different departments by many users including; directors, fleet managers, plant managers, accounts, health and safety managers and administrators.

AMI Group offers the ultimate in asset management in the form of AMI Nexis – our in-house management platform. Utilised in conjunction with our range of wired-in devices AMI Nexis gives a full overview of a company’s assets and activities.  Assets are often referred to as the living organisms of a business, which can multiply and are moved from place to place within hours which makes asset management an essential within any business.

When utilising AMI Nexis, the user stays in control of their company and assets at the touch of a button, with many users commenting on how easy the system is to use and navigate their way around. The Nexis system allows reports to be scheduled and sent out automatically at selected times saving the user even more time within their workday. By utilising reports AMI customers are able to identify anomalies within the activity of their assets and also authenticate any expense claims and overtime/ hours worked claimed on timesheets by subcontractors or remote workers.

There are many benefits associated with AMI Nexis and the solutions utilised which include; accurate GPS positions and live-monitoring of an asset to ensure the asset/vehicle is being utilised correctly within its working day. A full range of alerts including; speed violations, out of hours usage and also battery disconnection alerts. Each of these alerts enables you to be one step ahead in terms of company liability and also security. Locking down an asset via a range of immobilisation features gives you peace of mind and asks as a theft deterrent which assets are left unattended. 

There are many benefits to utilising an asset management solution within your company, each benefit being individual to the user and how they operate however we have not yet met a company who hasn’t benefitted from utilising the AMI Nexis system whether that be eliminating thefts or streamlining management of their assets we have provided the solution to meet their requirement.