Why AMI Group?


AMI Group have been the UK’s leading provider in Asset Tracking solutions since 2004 specialising in the battery-powered hardware market. We have the UK’s largest dedicated finder network for recovering stolen assets and are responsible for countless recoveries and over £42Million + in assets recovered.

  • AMI Groups AT5 units have over twice the battery capacity of any other commercially available device and are currently 50% smaller thanks to our advanced battery technology with patented super cap hardware. Meaning the AT5 unit has the industry-leading battery over the smallest footprint, enabling more covert fitment options on a machine.
  • We offer Scheduled Hours reporting – Units update at set times throughout the day which is customer configurable and means the device lies dormant for the majority of the day thus being unscannable.
  • The AMI Nexis Platform and App allow for a range of bespoke alerts such as; Geo-fencing, battery disconnection and movement alerts via various methods including SMS, email and push notifications.
  • All units utilise a Multi-network roaming micro sim card, this ensures the best signal is received at all times.
  • AMI Group can provide comprehensive fitment training provided (when needed) for both the AT and VT series; meaning for covert installs and deep seating of a unit. Advanced covert installation techniques with proprietary compounds and hardware enabling us to gain industry-leading recovery rates.
  • Over 70% of AMI customers are operating within Plant and Heavy Machinery industries making this our niche market.
  • AMI Group have celebrated customer partnerships since 2004, with UK’s largest plant hire companies. We do not just sell a login, we provide a specialised pre-and post-sales support team who are on hand 24/7 to assist with technical support, recoveries, and thefts.
  • We boast excellent customer retention rates through outstanding customer service and relations with many of our new customers gained via word of mouth and through recommendation.
  • 24/7 theft support, with a manager or director on call.
  • Ability to combine both asset management and after theft recovery in one solution namely Asset+ – The UK’s first hybrid solution.
  • AMI work with the customer to find the best solution for their needs whether this be asset management, after theft or both combined – AMI Group do not just offer single solutions.
  • Digitally encoded RF beacon for locating indoors and inside containers; this cannot be scanned like RF using 433 Mhz.
  • In house engineering facility with vast experience of a wide variety of assets to support with installations and best fitment options.
  • AMI Group’s units have been tested and located worldwide, with many customers assets overseas.
  • IOS and Android App, giving you full control over assets no matter where you are or what time of day.
  • Cloud-based software with no requirement to download anything into your corporate IT Systems, minimising the risk to company security.
  • Nexis platform was designed and developed with customer requirements at the heart, covering the day to day demands of their businesses at the touch of a button, allowing for streamline activity and proactive productivity within a company.
  • One Nexis platform to cover all hardware types – Battery operated, hardwired and lone worker devices. Allowing customers to access a range of assets and AMI solutions under one umbrella platform.