What to look out for when buying a vehicle tracking system

So, you have decided to protect your valuable caravan or motor home with a tracking device but you are not sure what to buy or which company to buy it from? This article will give you some pointers and hopefully help you come to the right decision about the device and company to buy it from.

What type of device do you want? 
 Basically, there 2 types of tracking device, passive and proactive. Passive, as the name suggests, sits in your vehicle waiting to be activated via a special signal. It will then send its location back to the monitoring centre. While a proactive device will send out a signal the instant it is activated, either because of a movement sensor being triggered or it is linked to your alarm. Whilst the proactive device is more expensive it can actually help catch the thief while the robbery is in progress and so greatly increases the chances of you getting your vehicle back quickly and undamaged. 
What about the company providing the monitoring? 
 This is where many buyers make a mistake. After spending lengthy time researching the product they then go with the company offering the cheapest option because on paper it seems that their monitoring service is the same as everyone elses. It is vital to look as closely at the company as you did for the device. Some good questions to ask are:

  • How long have you been in the tracking business? this demonstrates their experience and understanding of the market
  • How financially stable are they? you are likely to sign a 24 hour monitoring agreement with them for a number of years. So having paid for this service you want to make sure they are around to deliver it
  • What investment have they made in their monitoring centre– if your 24 hour monitoring centre is actually one guy with a mobile sat in their kitchen, do you really want to trust the recovery of your caravan or motor home to them?
Phantom has offered market leading devices for many years. We understand the importance of your vehicle to you. That is why we protect nearly £500 million worth of assets for nearly 20,000 customers and have been directly responsible for the recovery of more than £10 million worth of vehicles. To find out more about our tracking solutions, click here.