What Is Our Fleet Tracking Service?

The Phantom Insight Fleet Management system uses state of the art, globally approved, specified GPS and GSM to give you real-time accuracy within of a couple of meters of your fleet. It’s perfect to find an employee’s current location via the App or Web portal we offer. If you feel more information is required, you can look at daily, weekly or monthly reports on driver behaviour and export them to Excel for further analysis.

We are highly confident there is no company that uses the same high standard of fleet tracking technology that we offer to our clients. Many companies offer real-time tracking; however, they supply you with 2-minute updates compared to our average of 20-30 seconds. These updates are triggered by such things as, the Ignition being switched on or off, a change in speed or direction as well as time and distance triggers.

You can view all your fleet drivers reports whenever you like as their data is stored into various reports, graphs and exports (Microsoft Excel). The data will start being collected as soon as the tracking device is installed. You can view data such as: mileage in a certain timeframe, driver scores or to simply replay a journey or series of journeys on the map.

Get a quote on our fleet tracking today or do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 757 0330, we will be more than happy to help.