Using Wired-in Tracking Solutions With Keypad Immobilisation to Deter Thieves and Provide Asset Data

Case Study – Large Plant Hire and Sales Company

Locations – North England

Devices Installed – 200+


The company had battery units installed by a previous supplier which frequently failed and didn’t provide the accurate data they required. The company was suffering from an increase in machine theft from sites and the tracking device currently in use were often removed resulting in the loss of the assets.

Solution Provided

AMI implemented VT100 units; powerful GPS tracking designed around a 2-wire installation, simply installed within minutes and suitable for a large variety of assets, giving live locations, asset history, and a range of reports. Asset+ and keypad immobilisation systems have also been installed on some machines. The Asset+ solution includes; a VT202 hard wired unit and an AT4, a small battery-powered device encapsulated in resin for ultimate protection. Alongside the Asset+, keypad immobilisation systems have also been installed offering a unique triple layer theft protection.  The keypad immobiliser provides a robust and secure driver/operator authentication system to prevent theft and unauthorised usage whilst only allowing qualified personnel operational access.

A sample of some assets protected for this customer are: Thwaites 3T Swivel Dumper, Takeuchi TB290, Ammann 80 Roller, JCB 2CX, and Doosan 8T Excavator as well as a range of company vehicles.


The ease of the VT100 installation means the customer can install and de-install within minutes for their ever-changing fleet of assets. In the space of a few months, a large proportion of the company’s machines and vehicles are now secured with a wired-in unit to provide extra security, a battery unit, and a keypad immobiliser. This allows for the customer to know where their machines are at the touch of a button whilst benefiting from theft prevention and only allowing authorised usage of their assets thanks to the keypad immobiliser.