Use Fleet Tracking To Keep Your Business On Track

Vehicle fleet tracking allows businesses and managers to have a clear idea of their vehicles whereabouts and activity. This can aid with the recording of fuel usage and performance efficiency. Further to these attributes, fleet tracking can also allow for companies to be aware of the breaks their drivers and distributers are taking. Over the last few years, a great deal of press has highlighted the importance of the breaks drivers are required to take to cut down on the amount of road traffic accidents, especially those related to falling asleep at the wheel. 
GB domestic rules stipulate that drivers of goods vehicles should not be at the wheel for longer than a period of 10 hours, and that there should be at least 10 hours of rest between two working days. Previously, it has also been addressed that the enforcement of such laws is left open to manipulation by bosses and drivers alike, overworking and risking both themselves and other road users lives. Fleet tracking technology means that managers are able to see what their vehicles are doing, or not doing as the case may be. This level of tracking ensures that security for the fleet is also largely improved. Unlike other industries, fleet owners and company owners don't have the privilege of being able to see their teams within an office; therefore, they need alternative means of monitoring their fleets. In addition to being able to follow drivers, fleet tracking allows for GPS tracking. GPS tracking offers a wealth of benefits, allowing drivers to have guidance when lost, avoid traffic jams and be aware of road closures. All of these points come together to build a far more efficient and economical method of managing a fleet, even from a remote location. This then lends itself to clients being kept well-informed and up to date with where their deliveries are. This advancement in technology gives the customer the option of being able to prepare should a delivery be early or late for some reason. 
Together with the benefit that tracking offers customers and drivers, it also has a wealth of benefits that can reduce the time you have any drivers off the road. With tracking available 24/7, 365 days a year, not only can you view the amount of stops made, but also the time spent stationary, allowing for possible time-saving revisions to made for deliveries. Further to the above mentioned positives, GPS tracking can also send emails instantly should any form of maintenance or servicing be required. Again allowing you to keep your fleet at optimum performance levels and deliver consistent results to customers.