Why trucks are no longer the scariest vehicles on the road for learners

You've checked your mirrors before positioning yourself in the correct lane. The traffic lights have gone to red. You brake, press the clutch and change to first gear before stopping behind the white line. Then just when you look to your right to observe the traffic, you see it. A massive truck is in the lane next to you, and even if you don't have to merge with him as you head off, the prospect of having the truck anywhere near you whilst driving is a terrifying prospect to a learner. Whilst drivers with L plates face many obstacles on the road before their test, one challenge they can soon cross off their list of troubles are trucks and vans, due to the growing popularity of fleet tracking technology among haulage businesses and companies. Not only is acquiring a HGV license becoming much harder for any potential truck driver, but organisations where multiple trucks and vans are key for transporting valuable goods are beginning to use truck and van tracking systems on their vehicles. The software used in tracking technology not only allows businesses to monitor their workforces location, also it can also monitor their speed. This means for both learners and general road users, the stereotypes of the fearsome truck driver will soon be defied as tracking devices require those behind the wheel to not only stick the speed limits, but it also will be able to pinpoint their exact location if an accident occurs. This provides additional safety for those on the road if details need to be later verified, with the GPS software determining the trucks exact location, meaning that incidents no longer can be dismissed by drivers in fear that they will be penalised. Find out more about how truck tracking technology can benefit businesses across the country as well as other drivers on the road by visiting Phantom Fleet, one of the most popular companies for purchasing GPS tracking technology for trucks, lorries and vans in the UK.