A Truck Drivers Guide to Road Rage

When it comes to staying safe on the road, it can often be difficult to keep our cool after being cut up or caught in traffic, however, as a truck driver it's up to you to maintain a calm attitude during your journey. Road rage can be a cause of accidents and when you're faced with a careless or even aggressive driver, it can be difficult to judge their next move making it all the more important that you remain relaxed throughout your travels. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at how to keep your cool before and during your journey. 
Before you set off 
According to the lorry lawyer, it's almost impossible to stay alert and give our full attention to our journey and the road if we are psychologically distracted or upset, making it important that you are in a composed state of mind before you set off. If you're the type of person that gets aggravated when stuck in traffic and hates being late, it may be worth planning additional time into your travels. This way, if you do get caught in traffic, you can deal with the situation in a relaxed manner without the extra stress of arriving at your destination half an hour late. This is also a great way to relieve the pressure of deadlines and may help to boost consumer satisfaction. Alternatively, you can discuss with your manager about having a truck tracking system installed in your vehicle so that they can monitor your driving as well as plan your future routes to avoid you getting caught down an unsuitable road. This can also encourage you to drive more safely as you know that your abilities will be recorded and monitored on a regular basis. 
During Your Travels
If a motorist shows signs of poor driving, try not to react to their actions, as they may not even be aware of what they've done. If you choose to respond to their actions, you may exacerbate the situation and you won't be focused on your surroundings, therefore, increasing the possibility of distracting you from your responsibilities as a truck driver. In addition, it's always best to avoid eye contact as not only will your eyes be off the road, increasing the chances of an accident it may also make the irate driver more aggravated. If you're the one that makes a mistake, simply acknowledge this by holding up your hand as a form of apology; hopefully, this will help to calm the angered driver. If you're stuck in front of an impatient driver, it's important to remember your duties on the road and stay safe; instead of speeding up, try and find the safest opportunity to let the other driver pass you. Although this may add a bit of time to your journey, it will diminish the chances of you becoming stressed therefore having a positive impact on your driving abilities. 
Always Be Prepared 
You might be the best driver in the world and although this may help to significantly reduce your chances of being in an accident, it doesn't eliminate the risk altogether making it vital that you're prepared for all possible situations and above all, you keep your cool throughout your journey. If you notice a bad driver, it's advised to remain at a moderate distance from their vehicle to avoid accidents, if possible. Remember, how you choose to react to the situation involving a careless driver or one that suffers from bad road rage, will determine how safe and responsible you are as a truck driver. This is just a short guide on how to deal with road rage during your travels.