Triple layer protection exclusive to AMI Group

AMI have launched an innovative keypad immobilisation feature. Locking down the asset until an authorised code is typed into the keypad. This works alongside the VT tracking solution offering the ultimate barrier in theft prevention. Keypad immobilisation is also compatible with the award-winning Asset+ tracking solution providing triple layer protection the first company to offer this and exclusive to AMI Group, ensuring you – the user – a full range of benefits including asset management, after theft recovery and theft prevention.

The keypad immobiliser provides a robust and secure driver/operator authentication system to prevent theft, unauthorised usage whilst also only allowing qualified personnel operational access.

Features include:

  • Up to 4,000 user code memory built in, easily created and deleted by the administrator
  • The last user/operator identified in case of incidents
  • Operating voltage 6v-30v
  • 4/6-digit combination code
  • Back light keypad for usability
  • Multi point immobilisation
  • Durable construction for plant based assets
  • Only allow access to trained / qualified operators.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Track operator usage and utilisation KPI’s.
  • Remotely configurable to create or delete pin codes
  • User ID data sent directly to the Nexis Platform.

The AMI Keypad secure is a fast and simple way to enable multi operator authentication and the highest level of machine security, the Keypad links seamlessly into AMI’s VT GPS tracking hardware to enable 4 to 6 digit pin authentication and machine access.

Simply enter a valid code and the VT202 will un immobilise your asset.


Since 2004 AMI Group have been leading Developers and Suppliers of Technologically Advanced and Innovative Location Based and Security Solutions. AMI offer secure location management and security solutions for a comprehensive range of applications. AMI’s web-based tracking and monitoring system provides visibility and control over your businesses assets.

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, our solutions enable businesses to better manage their assets and fleet operation whilst delivering real benefits by reducing operational costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service.

We have frequently discovered that all our clients are individual and have their own set of requirements and priorities, therefore all Solutions offered from AMI Group are tailored to match each of our clients’ individual requirements, and this ensures that all the defined business objectives and benefits are quickly achieved. Obtaining the correct balance of functionality and operational benefit to our customer is the key to success, to achieve this AMI undertakes extensive consultation with each customer prior to defining the correct solution. AMI Group LTD are focused predominantly upon providing an industry leading service to companies wishing to maintain the integrity, protection and best return on its “working assets”. When we describe an “asset” this could typically mean vehicles, equipment or valuable machinery.

AMI not only provides specialised “wireless tracking” solutions we also offer comprehensive fleet management and control, driver security, individual security and lone worker solutions that are incorporated and monitored within the multi award winning Nexis platform, this is available from any web based browser and via the IOS and Android based mobile app. Simplicity is the key to contented users.