Tracking Technology Uncovers Stolen BW80 Roller

A Bomag BW80 Roller stolen from Ambergate, Derbyshire has been successfully recovered thanks the installation of a state-of-the-art tracking device from AMI Group. The roller was discovered just off Ripley Road, 20 miles away from its original location.

The roller was fitted with an AMI Nexis GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device and the owner of the roller was able to log on to the AMI Nexis web portal directly and use GPS data to establish the route taken by the thieves and its current destination.

Using the GPS data, the roller was quickly located by the roadside and subsequently returned to the customer. It transpired that the thieves had completely stripped down the roller, clearly in search of a tracking device to try and disable it, but nothing had been found. Unbeknown to the thieves, the AMI tracking device was covertly hidden and able to transmit data indicating its location.

Peter Stockton, Operations Director at AMI Group said: “This recovery really does illustrate how our tracking devices can be covertly hidden to avoid detection from thieves. In this instance, the criminals most probably thought the roller wasn’t protected with an anti-theft deterrent and they had got away with the crime, but they were mistaken and the matter is being investigated by the Police”.