Tracking as security, not just Telematics


As the construction industry grows and evolves each year so do the demands that each company faces. Factors that used to be an option have now become a standard including telematics and tracking solutions. It has been noted that tracking is now becoming an industry-standard in the plant hire industry with many customers across the UK now deeming this a must when hiring from a top 10 hire company. With the additional security provided, many plant hirers’ find this a commercial advantage when tendering for business against other companies, thus aiding in the growth of the business and company turnover.

In recent years more solutions have become available which are labeled as tracking but this is often confused with telematics. After numerous conversations with customers, AMI Group understands the importance of a telematics solution to a company with many referring to this as an extra set of eyes. With the ability to relay machine information and ensure machines are serviced on time and only when needed a telematics solution saves the customer money. Many believe by utilising manufactures’ telematics they are protected from theft however, as we are seeing more often this is not the case. Due to the nature of the systems and identical installation positions on the assets it is far too easy for the telematics unit to be disconnected and disposed of.

With theft rising in the industry is it urged that companies protect their assets with proven solutions; as many know theft isn’t just the loss of a machine but also the loss of work and many other contributing factors leaving companies out of pocket beyond a lost machine. People are being advised to tighten security on sites to protect against opportunist thieves also due to a reported 50% increase in crime rates since the coronavirus lockdown. The CEA reported on the rise of theft of plant equipment and tools in contrast to the crime rates within other areas which had seen a decrease during the lockdown period. With so many solutions available it is important that companies choose the one which works best for them.

Within recent years AMI Group has seen a large demand for battery-operated solutions which are then utilised alongside manufacturers telematics solutions to aid in the recovery of stolen assets. There has been a great success with the AT5 solution over the years with it leading the industry with unbeaten recovery rates and the opportunity for covert installations. Most recently AMI Group assisted their customer in the recovery of a JCB 3CX which was stolen from Leeds and recovered in Doncaster following the manufacturer’s solution being disconnected and the AT5 unit leading the AMI team straight to the machine within hours of it being stolen.