Tracker Helps Uncover Stolen Digger

Lancashire Police located a stolen mini digger under an hour, thanks to a tracking device that was fitted to it. The mini Hitachi digger was thought to be in the excess of £20,000 and was uncovered on a trailer in Blackburn. The Police found the digger and once recovered it was back with its rightful owner in just 5 hours after being stolen. The tracking on this vehicle is very similar to the HGV tracking systems found on many Lorries which helped the Police to find the digger quickly, returning it to its owner. According to the National Plant and Equipment Register (TER), the amount of plant equipment that is stolen and not returned each year is a staggering 95 per cent. This results in a breath-taking £50 million to £70 million worth of plant material being stolen each year too. With help from HGV tracking systems, this per cent and amount of money is greatly reduced, with many vehicles being returned in the first 24 hours of them being stolen. Tracking systems in general are on the increase and this comes with a number of benefits, especially if the vehicle is stolen. The likeliness of your vehicle being stolen is very slim, but it does happen, so it is best to be prepared especially if you have a number of equipment or vehicles within your business that will cost a lot of money to compensate for. Don't run the risk, invest in tracking systems that will allow the Police to find where your vehicle is at all times and retrieve it for you, as quick as possible, in order to minimise likeliness of damage.