Towing mirrors ensure you don't break the law

Towing mirrors make sure you don't break the law If your caravan (or in fact any trailer for that matter) is wider than the rear of the vehicle that is towing it, then by law you have to fit towing mirrors. If you don't, then you run the risk of being prosecuted which could lead to a fine of up to £1,000 and 3 points on your licence. Also, you may find that if you have an accident without towing mirrors, your insurer could invalidate your policy, leaving you with a very costly bill to pick up. 
 So, don't run the risk of this happening to you and make sure you have already invested in towing mirrors. The law and other regulations you will need to know As well as being a legal requirement to fit towing mirrors, there are also a number of regulations that your fitted mirrors must adhere to 1. The mirrors must give you a field of vision that extends 4m out from the side of the vehicle at a distance of 20m back from the driver. 
This is to ensure that there are no blind spots down both sides of your van. 2. The size of the mirrors themselves is also regulated. They cannot extend beyond 25cm of the width of your caravan (20cm for cars built before 26.1.2007) 3. You must detach the mirrors when you are not towing as it is an offence to drive with them on without a trailer. 4. If your car was built after 26.1.2010 then any extendable mirrors you fit must be E-marked to prove they comply with EU regulations. 
 Fitting your mirrors is probably best carried out as a 2 man job to ensure that you have fully removed the blind spot on both sides of the van. It is generally reckoned that you should be able to see (on both sides): caravan wheel arch, grab-handle and the road alongside the van. If you can then they should be adjusted correctly.