Top Stolen SUVs in the UK in 2023

As cars become more luxurious, they are increasingly targeted by thieves. SUVs, which are now popular among families and successful business owners, are especially at risk. These vehicles are often stolen by organized gangs, taken apart, and then transported to Eastern Europe to be sold at auctions or to garages. Whether you manage a construction site, own a caravan trailer, or run a small business, SUVs offer comfort, style, strength, and torque that smaller cars cannot match.

Due to the high risk of theft, many potential buyers are put off by the soaring insurance premiums for these high-end SUVs. For example, a major insurance firm reported that one-third of all Range Rovers they insure in London have been stolen. Thieves often disable factory-installed tracking systems, making them useless.

This list points out the most attractive SUVs to thieves in 2023, reflecting their popularity rather than being a comprehensive list of all stolen vehicles. If you rely on an SUV for work, towing a caravan or trailer, or simply as a family car, investing in an effective tracking system is crucial. Consider options like the S5 iTrack system for theft prevention or the Mi01 and S7 iTrack systems for vehicle recovery.

Both the S7 and S5 tracking solutions from Moving Intelligence are accredited by Thatcham, a testing body that ensures these systems are rigorously tested and quality-controlled, providing assurance that your tracking system is reliable.

Popular Top Stolen SUVs in 2023 / Most Stolen SUV UK

  1. - Land Rover Discovery: 1,880 thefts
  2. - Range Rover Sport: 1,625 thefts
  3. - Range Rover Evoque: 1,489 thefts
  4. - Toyota RAV4: 1,164 thefts
  5. - Lexus RX: 865 thefts
  6. - Other Range Rover Models: 777 thefts
  7. - Range Rover Velar: 560 thefts