Tips And Tricks On How To Protect Your HGVs

If you've been a victim of HGV theft or vandalism you will understand the devastation and anguish many drivers experience every year as their vehicles are destroyed, stolen and defaced, putting them out of work and costing the company resources. However, although you may feel out of luck, here is a list of tips and tricks you can follow in order to protect your HGVs in the future: CCTV Should your drivers require spending a night out in their HGV, consider installing a mounted CCTV system or camera which captures footage of vehicles on the adjacent road and surrounding area. This will help to ensure a high level of protection for both your vehicles and your drivers. Planning Plan your drivers routes ahead of time in order to prevent them making unnecessary stops that may result in the defacing of one of your vehicles. Not only will planned routes protect the vehicle they will also eliminate extra costs brought around by these unnecessary stops and routes. This will help to protect your finances as well as your vehicles and drivers. Security Make sure your drivers always lock the vehicle and set the alarm should they be planning to leave the vehicle for a considerable amount of time. It may also be worthwhile asking your drivers to conduct a routine check on the vehicles supplies and goods to ensure that nothing is missing and that everything is secure. HGV Tracking Consider fitting a HGV tracking system to monitor your drivers average speed and location. This will not only help to improve road safety, but also protect your HGVs loads, documents and improve security. Furthermore, it will help to protect your finances, as you will be continuously monitoring your drivers progress. If you're contemplating investing in a HGV tracking system, it is advised to consult an expert in regards to installation and instruction. Routing Use identical routes for drivers carrying similar loads and ensure drivers keep a security watch for each other in order to improve security. By using identical routes you will be able to monitor the current traffic and effectively predict an arrival time for your drivers as well as eliminating the problem of small and unsafe roads. Keeping Documents Secure Any important documents or alternate shipping orders must be inaccessible to thieves otherwise the goods may be able to be claimed by the culprit should they have the paper authority to do so. It is recommended, as the driver, to keep documents on you at all times so that if the truck is stolen they may not be able to claim the goods. Only a fraction of all HGVs stolen in the UK per year are recovered without costly damages so protecting your drivers and vehicles should be a main priority for you as the owner of a HGV delivery establishment. To find out more about how to protect your HGVs using a fleet tracking system, get in touch with Phantom today.