Tips for Beating Traffic-Induced Stress

Traffic can be the bane of our lives, especially when we hit the classic summer road block. Unfortunately, more often than not, miles of traffic is unavoidable, but instead of letting yourself get tense, see our tips below for beating traffic-induced stress. 
Mind the Gap 
There's nothing worse than quickly having to react to sudden braking, when, in reality, there isn't really enough time to prevent your car from going into the one in front. So, mind the gap you leave between cars and ensure it is large enough to accommodate an emergency stop, as well as gentle braking to bring your car to a halt in the queue of traffic. Doing so will also put your mind at ease that, if you do need to suddenly brake, you've left plenty of space to allow you to do so without being involved in an accident.  
Watch your Speed 
Yes, even in traffic when everyone is going at a snail's pace, accidents are still likely to occur. That is why you need to watch your speed, especially if you notice that you're surrounded by impatient, red-faced drivers who just want to get going. Chances are, these drivers who are driving in haste will seek any opportunity to get moving again; which is why you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to risky manoeuvres. Watching your speed when you start moving will allow you to stay alert, be in complete control of your vehicle and will most likely increase your reaction time too. 
If you are struggling to deal with the situation and are finding it a little too stressful, it may be time to take a break. Though reaching the services isn't always an option straight away, passengers can look up the closest stop to allow you to take a breather. Doing this could potentially reduce the likelihood of an accident, as you can de-stress and return to the road a lot more focused and less jittery. These are just three tips for beating traffic-induced stress. Do you have any more that you would like to share? If, however, you're interested in one of our services or products, such as our in car CCTV,  designed to protect your assets at all costs.