Time Doesn’t Stand Still at AMI Group

Product innovation has always driven our business forward at AMI Group and one of our primary tracking and fleet management systems – the AMI Nexis VT1200 – has undergone tremendous evolution since it was first introduced.
AMI Nexis VT1200 is a GPS/GSM based tracking and fleet management solution which is highly versatile as depending upon the application, it can be wired directly into the asset or can be completely wireless. Over the years, we have significantly enhanced the GPS receiver and GSM modem so it is now better than ever. We’ve added an extra digital input and the system now has anti-jamming protection.

As well as offering exceptional anti-theft protection, the VT1200 is a fleet management system which can help to reduce business costs and fuel consumption by strategic management and monitoring of fleet activities. With a full reporting suite of information available, users can monitor speed, optimise routes, immobilise equipment remotely and set up virtual geofence boundaries so users are alerted when machines leave a marked area. There have even been instances where AMI customers have been able to increase hire revenues by around 35% as the VT system provides valuable information regarding the number of hours equipment is used. Clients can charge for periods of usage which they may have otherwise overlooked.

More slots have been added for iButton keys so that customers can authorise who is operating machinery or driving vehicles. The system previously had 50 iButton keys but we’ve increased this tenfold so there are now 500!