The Seasons Are A Changing

The Seasons Are A-Changing

You might have heard the rumour that spring is just around the corner, and you'd be right to believe it. Its time to get your car freshened up following the winter blitz of rain, snow and mud and get ready for the season ahead.


Here at Phantom, we want you all to be safe and prepared when you're out and about your daily business, so we have put together some top tips for ensuring you get from A to B in one piece this spring.


Spring Fever


Spring is a season that is full of fresh starts; flowers are blooming, animals are breeding their young and everything is waking up after a long, dark and cold winter. With the onslaught of flowers, cut grass and crops, allergies, including Hay Fever, are rife. If you suffer and need to make a long journey, be sure to have your medication to hand and take a break should you feel tired.


Not only are days getting just that little bit lighter, but with clocks going forward at the end of March, they will also feel longer, too. With daylight saving time in action, the lighting at rush hour changes just enough to push the sun right into your line of sight during the drive home. For reduced glare, ensure your windscreen is cleaned thoroughly inside and out, and always reduce your speed if the sun is affecting your vision. Remember always to keep sunglasses to hand, too!


Ensuring your car is ready for action is imperative if you want to avoid an unexpected trip to the garage or a breakdown miles away from home. Checking your oil levels, radiator and tyre pressure is essential as well as making sure your tyres are in good condition, so don't forget to check their tread depth.


Start as You Mean To Go On


For a more in-depth spring clean of your car, please see this checklist from The AA, to ensure your car is at its very best this spring.


With your car looking its finest, it might be worth investing in an in-car camera system for added peace of mind behind the wheel. Not only do they record driving behaviour, allowing you to provide evidence should an accident ever occur, but they can also reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. We'd say that's an investment worth making!


For more information on our range of in-car camera systems, please visit our website or contact us on 0161 476 4050 to have a chat with our team and discuss what is best for you.