The Latest News from AMI Group

Looking back over the last month AMI Group have seen great innovations with the release of the new App and VT100 unit a wired-in tracking solution installed in seconds, saving you, the customer time and money.

We have seen an increase in fraudulent hires across the industry, AMI Group have seen many separate instances of this across the UK with both our customers and other plant hire companies. We have seen great success when working with our customers to recover their stolen machines, thanks to the Nexis self-managed system. This allows for customers to locate machines to a pin-point location and carry out a recovery within hours of the machine being reported stolen. AMI boasts industry leading reading rates and work very closely to assist customers within many different scenarios including theft and recovery however many customers are now becoming more and more self-efficient and choosing to recover assets themselves.

An increase of theft has also been reported in connection to rollers and smaller items of plant equipment, this is the same pattern repeated year on year as the dark nights start approaching and thieves use vans to initially steal and then conceal stolen items. Their belief is that traditional tracking solutions cannot be traced in the back of a van and think they are ‘blocking’ the signal used to gain a position. Due to the nature of our AT units and their use of various technologies our customers are able to gain a position for the unit utilising GSM (Cell-Site) technology and then home into the machine/asset when within the area thanks to our digitally encoded RF Technology. By utilising various technologies along with covert installation AMI Group boast industry leading recovery rates even on those smaller items of plant.

By working closely with our customers since 2004 we have developed various innovative solutions to cover the many needs of different companies across different sectors including but not limited to; plant hire, civil engineering and logistics. Our range of both wired-in and battery-operated units give our customers the ability to cover many areas within their business including; duty of care, fraudulent claims, invoicing, hiring costs, location of machinery and the recovery of stolen assets (with un-scannable technology). It has been reported that AMI Group’s solutions help save time and money within different areas of a business that customers were otherwise unaware of previously, for example – utilising our reports section to verify both time sheets submitted and expenses claims. Invoicing is now more accurate as the user is able to identify hours used and utilisation of a machine at the touch of a button.

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