The Importance of Vehicle Tracking

In todays digital age, it seems almost all businesses that rely heavily on transport have got some sort of vehicle tracking service in place, and here at Phantom, we couldn't be happier about it. While not all technology has a place in cars, vans, lorries and trucks, there is certainly a need for tracking systems.


What does it do?


Our full-service fleet tracking software is designed to keep your fleet of business vehicles safe and secure at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.


Utilising Global Positioning Systems (GPS), our vehicle tracking service remotely observes and records fleet locations and behaviour. Allowing you to watch in real-time with an accuracy of up to 45 seconds; you can monitor where your staff are, 24 hours a day. This is important in order to analyse fuel consumption, and is highly beneficial when it comes to ensuring driver safety, should a vehicle break down or be involved in an accident.


The Benefits


l Our vehicle tracking service allows tracking of routes, speed, driving patterns, time spent idle, mileage and time spent driving


l The above information allows for improved record keeping, forecasting of routes, fuel consumption and auditing


l Tracking is also useful for recording driving times and ensuring drivers are taking regular breaks


l Utilising GPS allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle, allowing for a faster response time from a recovery vehicle or emergency services, if necessary


l The use of a fleet tracking system promotes responsible driving, increased productivity and efficiency; staff are more accountable for their time while on the clock and as a result of this, they are more likely to drive safely and on target


Speculate to Accumulate


While a vehicle tracking service isn't as cheap as relying on staff to relay information, it will ultimately save your business money and maximise profit. Through careful monitoring of fuel consumption and driving patterns, you can better organise your fleet to minimise fuel used, and in doing so, provide customers with a more efficient service. Happy customers are more likely to use your service again, thus resulting in an increase in profits.


For more information on how you can get started with a fleet vehicle tracking service, please contact Phantom today and obtain a quote for your business.