The Battle Against Car Theft in the UK

The battle against car theft in the UK has become increasingly challenging due to the rise of keyless car hacking equipment. Criminals are now wise to the vulnerabilities in modern vehicle technology, allowing them to exploit these vulnerabilities and steal cars with ease.

With an incredible 25% rise in vehicle thefts from 2021 to 2022, the Government is currently working on plans to make the sale, purchase and possession of keyless repeaters, signal jammers and other hacking technology illegal in the UK. 

The Most Stolen Cars in the UK

Reports indicate that the most commonly stolen car models come from manufacturers such as Land Rover, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. 

In 2022, Ford Fiesta’s took the top spot with a ridiculous 5,979 being stolen throughout the year - the equivalent of one being stolen every 88 minutes. This was closely followed by Land Rovers, with the DVLA reporting that one in every hundred Land Rovers were reported stolen in the year ending March 2023.


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Car Tracking with Moving Intelligence

In the ongoing battle against car theft, innovative tracking technology is essential to protect your vehicle effectively and plays a pivotal role in deterring theft and recovering stolen vehicles.

Moving Intelligence offers a range of cutting-edge tracking systems designed to keep your car safe. Here's how they work:

Real-time GPS Tracking

Moving Intelligence's systems use state-of-the-art GPS technology to provide real-time tracking of your vehicle's location. This feature allows you to monitor your car's whereabouts at all times, making it easier to recover if stolen.


Our S5 itrack In the event of theft, or the vehicle starting without the ADR key fobs your vehicle will alert our call centre then we will call you and liaise with the police.

Our S5 itrack Ultimate

With our Ultimate S5 tracking system the vehicle won’t start without the ADR tags. 

This function ensures that the thief is no longer able to drive the car, increasing the chances of recovery and reducing potential damage.

Installing an advanced car tracking system into your vehicle can significantly enhance its security, acting as a powerful deterrent to potential thieves and increasing the chances of a successful recovery in the unfortunate event of theft.

If you require any further information or would like to discuss our car tracking systems with one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.