Telematics and Diagnostics

The latest figures suggest that the upward rise in popularity when it comes to fleet tracking is not going to slow down anytime soon in fact, in the next four years, it is set to grow by over 20%. The telematics and diagnostics that make up fleet tracking systems have advanced over the years and have been turned into amazingly useful bits of kit for your business.

These days, tracking systems are able to do so much more than just locate a vehicle. Advances in the technology used in on-board diagnostics and GPS  allows businesses to collect vast quantities of useful data. The analysis of this data can prove incredibly useful, especially for SME businesses.

Here at Phantom, we offer businesses of all sizes our Phantom Tracking system. Featuring GPS for cutting edge, real-time tracking of your entire fleet, you can track routes, monitor driver behaviour and utilise on-board diagnostics and telematics data to ensure your business provide a service that is reliable, efficient and safe.

If you are looking to be the best in your industry, it pays to be pro-active. Get ahead of the pack, and ensure your staff get there first. How do you do this? Monitor your fleet to send the closest driver to a destination or pick up. Not only is this a better service from the customers perspective, but it also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

If you are looking to provide a streamlined service that is as safe as it is efficient, then our fleet tracking system can offer you that. Monitor driver behaviour including idle times, acceleration, braking, speeding, general driver behaviour, fuel consumption and more, to put a stop to any bad habits before they start to affect your business reputation.

By utilising this important information, business and logistics managers can build routes and forecast fuel costs with pinpoint accuracy. On top of that, your fleet will be driving much safer which can, in turn, lead to reduced insurance premiums. Should any of your drivers be involved in an accident, the software will provide detailed breakdowns of drivers behaviour and location, which can assist in any legal action taken against your business.

Our system generates expenses reports accurately and automatically, making paperwork much less of a hassle and ensures that HMRC wont be knocking on your door. A fleet tracking system will start saving your business money from the first month of use you will wonder how you ever coped without one.

For more information on our Phantom Tracking System and other services, please contact our customer service team today.