Technology that enhances your business

The use of technology can enhance any business, but it is especially beneficial in the transport industry and those businesses that work with HVGs. For these businesses, HGV tracking systems are simple and easy to use while improving service and productivity and saving time and money. That is what we would call a winner!

As businesses recognise the importance of tracking systems, the use of HGV tracking systems is becoming much more common. With drivers working nationally and internationally on a regular basis, communication and tracking are important for managers and business owners to review.

How does it work?

Geographic Information Systems such as GPS / Maps / tracking systems are central to how HGV tracking systems work and they dramatically increase efficiencies, ensure better fleet management and faster delivery times, all while improving coordination of assets.

By making fleet management easier than ever, the aforementioned technology allows businesses to improve service and save money simultaneously. There are countless other benefits of using this business enhancing technology. Lets take a look at them.

Save time and money
First and foremost, as you know exactly where your business vehicles are in real time, saving you time and money by re-routing due to traffic and accidents as necessary, ensuring your staff are where they need to be on time, and never missing an appointment.

Improve communication

Another benefit of using HGV tracking systems is improving communicating between employer and employees. You can monitor driver behaviour and liaise to ensure routes are planned to take into consideration your needs, and your drivers.

Using the vehicle tracking systems, you can also give customers much more accurate timings and can update them on any delays, proving a more informed service. Real time tracking is a wonderful asset to many businesses that rely on the roads.

Keep an eye on company drivers

For any business, the biggest benefit of a vehicle tracking system is keeping an eye on the company drivers on the clock. You are able to check whether drivers are driving safely and are performing duties as directed. Also, you can find out about any unauthorised utilisation of mileage.

Here at Phantom, our HGV tracking also allows for the input of mileage, ensuring no mile gets left behind. This can be incredibly time-saving when it comes to expenses and ensures that all data is accurate.

Trace missing or stolen cars
For any business, vehicles such as HGVs are a big investment. If any company vehicles go missing or get stolen, there is only a small chance of recovery if you are not able to track your fleet. Vehicle tracking systems save you from a lot of trouble by providing you with the ability to missing or stolen trucks, alerting authorities immediately and providing real-time updates on where the vehicle is allowing for a much higher chance of recovery.

Lower insurance premiums
HGV businesses that install vehicle-tracking systems in their vehicles have to pay a lower insurance premium: this is arguably one of the biggest benefits of HGV tracking systems.

Ability of drivers to use the most cost-efficient routes
As vehicle-tracking systems with Geographic Information System encompass navigation devices, they give HGV drivers the ability to use the most cost-efficient routes. This allows the business to minimise fuel costs. For a small business, this is a major benefit.

Avoid jams and accidents
The aforementioned vehicle tracking systems come with live traffic reports. This helps in avoiding jams and accidents which in turn allows you to save valuable time and money.
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