Technology Award Winners – Fourth Year Running

AMI Group are thrilled to be awarded a Technology Innovator award for the fourth year running for our tiny battery operated AT5 tracking solution. In previous years, we have been recognised as ‘Best for After-Theft Recovery Technology and Recognised Leaders in Plant Security Systems – UK’ (2016), ‘Best Asset Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions Provider – UK’ (2017) and ‘Best Lone Worker Tracking Solutions Provider – UK’ (2018). This highlights the outstanding ability of not only our range of solutions but also AMI Group as a company who have been highly commended as ‘Supplier of the Year’ previously in the HAE Awards.

AMI Group take great delight and pride in the awards presented to ourselves which highlight the superiority of the solutions and systems that we provide. Providing industry leading after theft recovery rates along with exceptional customer retention with many of our original Mtrack customers now utilising our Nexis platform.

The AT5 unit is one which leads the industry with its after-theft recovery ability and battery capacity contained within a tiny footprint; meaning it can be installed and concealed onto a range of assets within minutes and will often outlive the life span of the asset to which it is installed.

A word from the CEO:

CEO Gary Stockton had this to say: ‘It is an honour to be continually recognised for our wide range of solutions. It emphasises our full range of solutions and series that benefit small vehicle fleets up to large plant companies and beyond.  Furthermore, I am particularly enthusiastic about the abilities of our AT5 device as this has proven to be both industry leading and innovative achieving industry leading status in regards to recovery rates and technology/ battery technology.’

‘This is a great achievement and we hope to continue our momentum throughout the year and continue to make exciting advancements in our technologies.’